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The most common method for diagnosing fungal diseases is microscopic examination of scrapings or mucous discharge. However, in the case of actinomycosis, the use of this method is not always justified, since actinomycetes are found in the body of healthy people. For examination, discharge from fistulas is taken in case of skin lesions. If a patient is admitted to the hospital with infection of viagra online organs, the diagnosis is made using a puncture, which is carried out through the skin.

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January 28
Experts recommend going to the hospital at the first sign of illness. So you can alleviate the course of actinomycosis and prevent serious consequences.

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After the initial diagnosis, doctors identify the type of actinomycetes. For this, a special procedure buy viagra out - the immunofluorescence reaction (RIF). Everything goes through several stages: The advantage of RIF is the high speed of research. The disadvantages include relative inaccuracy (80%), so one immunofluorescence reaction is not enough. For the final confirmation of the diagnosis, a bacteriological culture is prescribed. Microorganisms taken from biological material are placed in a special environment. Within 2 weeks, the growth rate of actinomycete colonies and their sensitivity to antibiotics are observed. The final results are usually ready in 14 days.

February 04
It is necessary to treat actinomycosis comprehensively.

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The natural microflora is suppressed, due to which the patient's immunity is weakened even more; the introduction of antibacterial drugs should be parenteral. This is a way in which the gastrointestinal tract is bypassed, which distinguishes this use of drugs from their traditional use.

February 11
The process includes taking etiotropic antibiotics, immunomodulators and other drugs. In advanced cases, surgical intervention is acceptable.

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In the treatment of actinomycosis, the following principles are observed: when prescribing etiotropic drugs, the sensitivity of the radiant fungus and bacterial flora, which has joined during the course of the disease, is taken into account. If antibiotics are prescribed without taking into account these factors, bacteria acquire resistance (sildenafil) to the prescribed drugs.

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This is done by injection or inhalation. With advanced and severe course of the disease, a combination of different drugs is used; An additional aspect in the treatment of actinomycosis is immunotherapy. This therapeutic method helps to increase the effectiveness of the use of antibiotics and reduce the severity of side effects. In the process of immunotherapy, Actinolysate is used - the cultural liquid of self-lysing (dissolving) actinomycetes. It is used directly in the treatment of actinomycosis and is considered one of the most effective medicines.

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